Let there be light

By |2022-10-25T11:15:02-04:00February 4th, 2021|

As shareholders, regulators and stakeholders put increasing pressure on businesses for ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) disclosures, the urge to ‘patch up the holes’ is natural. But will this approach serve corporations and their investors in the long run? We believe there’s a better path – with less risk, and more potential opportunity.

Managing Reputational Risk in Litigation

By |2022-10-25T11:15:48-04:00November 5th, 2020|

Robert Gemmill, Argyle’s Washington GM, and Harlan Loeb, Senior Advisor, spoke with Corporate Disputes magazine about how to manage reputation risk during litigation. Here is their interview.

Crisis management: Leading amidst uncertainty

By |2022-07-06T10:12:12-04:00May 19th, 2020|

As the former national media relations manager for McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, I’ve had an insider’s view at how big corporations both prepare and respond in real time to issues and crises, both globally and locally.

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